Calvary Christian School Staff

Pastor Kevin Broyhill

The Lord led Kevin Broyhill to Calvary Baptist Church to serve as Associate Pastor in March of 2006, and then as Senior Pastor commencing in March of 2008. He came to know the Lord as his Savior at the age of 17 and was called to preach the Gospel a year later. Pastor Broyhill studied at Piedmont Bible College in Winston-Salem, NC and in 1994 graduated from Calvary Baptist Bible College in King, NC with a Bachelor of Theology degree.  Prior to coming to Calvary Baptist Church, he served as the Pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Lenoir, NC for 16 years. Pastor Broyhill and his wife Lori have two children, Emily and James. “As the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, I am committed to the pursuit of excellence in Christian education that has been the hallmark of CCS over the past 25+ years!”

Mr. Sid Main

Bro. Sid Main accepted Christ as personal Savior in 1975 and answered the call to full time ministry 6 weeks later. Soon thereafter, Bro. Main enrolled in Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. where he earned a BS in Elem. Educ., followed by a MS in School Administration from Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN. Mr. Main served as principal of Northside Christian School in Louisville, Ky for 13 years and has been principal at Calvary Christian School in King since 1997. CCS has enjoyed steady growth and improvement under his leadership. "I know God led me to CCS, and I'm so glad He did. CCS is a wonderful school, and its faculty are all great servants of the Lord."

Mr. Tony Keel

Bro. Tony Keel received Christ as his personal Savior in his home in February of 1969 and graduated from Virginia Tech in 1974 with a BS in Math Education. From 1974 until 1986 Bro. Keel taught HS math in Emporia, Blacksburg, and Richmond, Virginia, also serving as principal during part of his 8-year tenure in Blacksburg. In July of 1986, the Lord led Bro. Keel to Calvary in King where he now serves as High School Math and Computer Applications teacher, High School Supervisor and Assistant to the Principal. "Having taught school for over 30 years, it has been and still is my privilege to try to shape lives for Christ. I am thankful God sent me to CCS to help students develop Godly Christian character."

Mr. Rick Eacho

Bro. Rick Eacho grew up in a Christian home and Christian school, received Christ as his personal Savior at age 14, and surrendered to full time ministry the summer after high school graduation. Bro. Eacho attended Pensacola Christian College, from which he received undergraduate and master’s degrees. After serving the Lord for 14 years as youth pastor at Landmark Baptist Church and HS teacher at their Christian School in Richmond, VA, the Lord led Bro. Eacho and his family to CCS where he now teaches HS Science, Bible and PE. We rejoice in God’s goodness to Calvary for leading Bro. Eacho to join our staff. "I am truly thankful for the opportunity to join the ministry of Calvary Christian School.  My goal is to challenge the students of CCS to live and learn for the glory of God. I look forward to teaching the truths of God's Word and encouraging the students to apply those truths to their lives both academically and spiritually."

Mrs. Karen Eacho

Mrs. Karen Eacho enjoyed the blessings of a faithful Christian home from the time of her dad’s salvation when she was five. In March of 1989 during a church and HS revival in her Christian school, Mrs. Eacho received Christ as personal Savior. With a strong desire to “spend [her] life in ministry, particularly to young people,” Mrs. Eacho enrolled in Pensacola Christian College, from which she earned undergraduate degree in history and a master’s degrees in secondary education. After serving the Lord for 14 years as youth pastor’s wife at Landmark Baptist Church and for 5 years as HS teacher at their Christian School in Richmond, VA, (plus 1 year teaching prior to that in NC) the Lord led Bro. & Mrs. Eacho and their family to CCS where she now teaches HS History, Journalism and PE. We are grateful to the Lord for leading Mrs. Eacho to join our staff. "I am so thankful for the opportunity God has given me to teach at Calvary Christian School.  As we study history, we will see how the providential hand of God has always been at work.  I want my students to know that God wants to work in their lives in a great and personal way as well.  I look forward to seeing the wonderful things that He will do in the lives of our students at CCS!"

Miss Dinah Satterfield

Miss Satterfield received the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior at a Tom Farrell revival when she was 15 years old, at Grace Baptist Church in West Columbia, SC. She graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 1999 with a BS in Secondary Education, majoring in English. Miss Satterfield came to Calvary with 9 years of prior experience teaching 7-12th grade English, speech, drama and history, at Friendship Christian School in Raleigh, NC (1999-2008). The Lord led Miss Satterfield to join our Calvary family in the fall of 2008 as junior and senior high English teacher. “I am grateful to be at a Christian school where the spiritual growth of the children is the main focus of the ministry. I enjoy working with young people and sharing with them how to love and serve God.

Mrs. April Tackett

Mrs. Tackett grew up at Calvary in King, served the Lord in the bus ministry, and graduated from Calvary Christian High School. She received the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior at the age of 19 during a Tom Farrell revival at Calvary Baptist Church. Having grown up in a strong Christian home and making an early childhood profession of faith at age six, she had known all her life that God had a special plan for her life. Not long after getting saved as a college student at BJU, she committed her life to be a Christian school teacher. She transferred to and graduated from Piedmont Baptist College in 1998 with her teaching degree. She taught 4th grade here at CCS until 2003 when the Lord led her away, then returned in 2006 to teach 4th grade for five more years. In 2011 Mrs. Tackett moved into the Junior High to teach 7th grade at CCS, more excited than ever. “It is an honor and privilege to be able to teach here at Calvary Christian School, and I am so very pleased that in 2006 the Lord brought me back!”

Mrs. Lori Broyhill

Mrs. Broyhill received Christ as her Savior during a revival service in 1990, led to the Lord by her husband at the age of 22.  When the Lord led her husband to accept the call to pastor Calvary Baptist Church, Mrs. Broyhill joined our school staff. Mrs. Broyhill’s experiences have included 16 years of ministry at Temple Baptist Church in Lenoir, NC, plus teaching kindergarten, substitute teaching in numerous areas, and serving as school secretary in the local Christian school. Upon joining the Calvary staff Mrs. Broyhill has successfully shouldered all responsibilities of the CCS Rosetta Stone Spanish program, she teaches 7-8th grade Study Skills, and she helps as teachers’ aid and tutor. “CCS has an outstanding emphasis on academic excellence and spiritual growth which is uncommon among Christian schools today. The Lord has truly blessed me by allowing me to be a part of a ministry dedicated to training young people for Christ.”

Mrs. Lynette Cave

Mrs. Lynette Cave received Jesus as her Savior 5 days after turning six, just 6 months after her mom and dad received Christ. The strong influence of a faithful Christian home, regular church attendance, and Christian school education grounded Mrs. Cave in her faith as a young lady. With a passion to teach, Mrs. Cave received her teacher training from Piedmont Christian College, Salem College (BS & BA Elem Ed), and Gardner-Webb University (MS Elem Ed). Between undergraduate and master’s degrees, Mrs. Cave began a family and also taught fifth grade at Copeland Elementary School for five years. When it was time for her children to attend school, Bro. & Mrs. Cave chose CCS in King because, in her words, “We believed, then and now, that Calvary is the best option for our family.” Later, as we considered her for a vacant 6th grade teaching position, her former principal recommended her with these words: “She is the best - hire her!” We are grateful to the Lord for leading Mrs. Cave to teach 6th grade at CCS. “I have been a ‘CCS Mom’ for 6 years and I am now thrilled to be a CCS teacher. I love teaching and learning, and I look forward to sharing my excitement for learning with my students at CCS.”

Mr. John Foote

At 4 years old, Mr. Foote received Christ as personal Savior at home in his bedroom. Bro Foote later attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, to prepare for full-time ministry, graduating in 1991 with a BA in Pastoral Studies. Bro. Foote worked in evangelism with his father Leon Foote for 16 years until the Lord called him to CCS in 2001 to teach 5th grade. In addition to his outstanding work as 5th grade teacher, John adds something quite extraordinary to our program with his Gospel Magic, puppets and ventriloquism, and professional clowning. "I have been in more than 50 different Christian schools while in evangelism. CCS in King is clearly the best school that I have ever been a part of."

Mrs. Susie Cole

Mrs. Cole made a profession of faith in Christ as a child, but after years of doubt received full assurance of her eternal salvation eight years after marrying her husband Ron (a Baptist preacher). Mrs. Cole faithfully served the Lord for many years in many aspects of missionary and church work. She received her teacher training from the University of South Florida and Liberty University, and her teaching experiences have included 7 years in the public school system and 3 years in Christian schools. Mrs. Cole is a loving, capable teacher with a great heart for the Lord and for children, and CCS is blessed to have her join our staff in 2011. “My number one priority for the children is that they learn they are special to Jesus and that He loves them – and so do I! My number two priority is to help all children reach their full potential as learners, and to equip them to enter the world to serve and honor God.”

Mrs. Ruthann Reeves

Mrs. Ruthann Reeves received a BS in Elementary and Special Education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 1969. Mrs. Reeves taught 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades from 1975 - 1984 in Toledo, Ohio, and then in January of 1985 the Lord captured her heart—she received Christ as her personal Savior. Mrs. Reeves continued her teaching career in 2nd and 3rd grades at Rural Hall Elementary School near Winston-Salem, NC, from 1988 until 1999. In 1999 the Lord used the preaching of Evangelist Tom Farrell to lead her away from public education to teach 3rd grade at Calvary in King. "I have taught for many years, but my years at CCS have been the very best. We have a wonderful school because the Lord is at the center."

Mrs. Monica Foote

Mrs. Monica Foote received the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior as a 7th grade student at Cedar Forest Christian School in Winston-Salem, NC. Mrs. Foote attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, and graduated with a BS in Elementary Education in 1991. During her tenure at CCS in King, Mrs. Foote has taught 1 year in the high school, 2 years combined 5th/6th grades, and 2nd grade from 1998 until the present time. Mrs. Foote and her husband John spend every summer traveling with Evangelist Leon Foote (John's father) conducting Vacation Bible Schools and literally "clowning" around. "I love teaching here at CCS. It is such a thrill to educate children with so much potential for the Lord. It's exciting to watch them grow closer to reaching that potential every day."

Mrs. Traci Hubbard

Mrs. Hubbard received Christ as her personal Lord and Savior in July of 1999 in Kitzingen, Germany. In June of 2004, she received specialized training from Passport Learning, DDL, in Greenville, SC, in preparation for the launch our new Passport Academy of Reading Learning Lab in the fall of that year. Mrs. Hubbard served as Passport Learning Lab Supervisor and K/5 assistant for six years while working toward earning an elementary education degree. In 2010 Mrs. Hubbard finished he college work and joined the CCS teaching staff as 1st grade teacher. "I am so thankful the Lord has allowed me to serve Him at CCS. The faculty members are a great support system to each other. Even more important than that is their love for the Lord and the children they (we) minister to. Calvary kids are the best!"

Mrs. Marilyn Comstock

Mrs. Marilyn Comstock trusted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in June of 1974. About a year later she was asked to teach a 5 year old Sunday school class and she has been teaching little ones ever since, including 16 years teaching K/4 in the Christian school. Mrs. Comstock serves her Lord at CCS as K/4 teacher, elementary and HS speech and drama teacher, librarian, and Grandparents’ Day and Helping Hands Serve-a-thon project director. “I love teaching children and count it a wonderful privilege and responsibility. I especially love working with the staff and children of Calvary. It is evident that the staff at CCS loves the Lord. They truly desire for the students to come to know Christ as personal Savior, grow spiritually, and be equipped to serve Him with their lives. It is my joy to serve the Lord and the children with such a fine group of fellow servants.”

Mrs. Angela Lawson

Mrs. Lawson grew up right here at Calvary in King, received the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior at the age of 13 while attending the Wilds Christian teen camp, and graduated from our own Calvary Christian High School. After graduating from Pensacola Christian College in December of ‘97 with a BS in Early Childhood Education, she returned to CCS where she taught 1st grade from 1997–2001. Mrs. Lawson left to start a family, and later she and her husband launched a thriving family-operated office supply business. She returned to CCS in the fall of 2007 to teach K/5 , and as of 2010 also serves as Director of our Pre-School and Kindergarten Program. “After four wonderful years teaching 1st grade at CCS, I was excited when God allowed me to return!”

Mr. Thomas Delp

Bro. Thomas Delp was raised in a good Christian home, and on October 17th, 1999 received Christ as his personal Savior. After attending Ambassador Baptist College from 2007-2011, Bro. Delp graduated from Calvary Baptist College in King in 2012 with a Bachelor of Theology degree. While in King, Bro. Delp met his wife Tiffany, a former Calvary Christian School graduate. Upon graduation Bro. Delp joined the CCS staff as Fine Arts, HS Chapel and Senior High Choir Director and junior high Bible teacher. Bro. Delp is a dedicated and gifted servant of the Lord, and Calvary is blessed to have him on board. “What a joy it is to be a vessel that God can use to bring praise and glory to His majestic name! I look forward to praising God together with the students at CCS through music and fine arts.”

Mrs. Jennifer White

Mrs. White grew up in a Christian home and received the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior when she was 7 years old. The Lord later gave her a desire to someday teach music and marry a man who would serve the Lord in full time ministry. After high school she attended Tennessee Temple University where she met her husband and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in music in 1993. Mrs. White and her husband, Pastor John White, have served the Lord together in full time ministry since that time. Mrs. White received her Master’s Degree from Liberty University in December of 2011, and the next month joined our Calvary staff where she now teaches 3rd grade recorders, elementary & junior high choir, elementary and high school band, and private piano lessons. “It is a joy and privilege to teach music at Calvary Christian School. My desire is to encourage the students at CCS to develop their musical abilities and become musicians that will serve and honor the Lord with their talent.”